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Educating sellers before negotiating the sale of coins.

Low value, high grade


Sometimes coins that sellers bring in to a coin shop are lower in value or have little demand from collectors that after shipping and online selling fees, the purchase of a coin like those shown above, may not be a good business purchase if the buyer is upside down in the deal.  The coins shown above both have around 4 million mintage (mintage=how many were released) and graded at Proof 69. They currently sell for about $7 each online and after a buyer pays fees to list and ship it, the remaining profit is around $2.50.  That profit would have to be split with the seller and when all is said and done, it doesn’t amount to much for either party.

Bring your coins in to NwPlaza this weekend for a free valuation. Even if we don’t make a deal, we can offer tips on unloading these types of high mintage and low value coins.



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“I saw this coin going for $800 online”


Customer: “I saw this coin going for $800 online and I’d like to sell it for that.”

Coin Buyer: “Where did you see it at that price?”

Customer: “Google. And I think it’s 24 karat”

Coin Buyer: “24 karat what?”

Customer: “Gold. And another dealer said it’s super rare and offered $800 for it.”

Coin Buyer: “Here’s what I see” [Displayed on in-shop monitor for guests to see]


Great Britain 1/2 Penny KM# 789


Composition: Bronze

Weight: 5.7000g

Diameter: 25.5mm

MINTAGE: 8,595,000

We hear this often in our shop at NwPlaza Coins.  A customer brings in what they think might be a high value coin, usually in low grade or damaged saying they saw it going for a high dollar amount online.  We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news so we show guests the actual value a coin in that condition has sold for, not necessarily what someone is hoping to get for it.  We use references that you can also use at home when searching for coin values and always encourage people to be educated sellers.  As mentioned in our previous blogs, we also look at rarity, desirability and condition in determining a coin’s worth.  Visit our website at: NwPlaza.Com for great resources to help find the value of your coin. You can also bring in your collection this weekend for a free valuation or to sell to one of our Antique Coin Buyers.

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But dad said these coins would pay for college


High mintage 1976 US bicentennial coins are easy to find with value seen mostly in high grade varieties.  When a customer comes in to NwPlaza Coins with a hoard of these common coins in circulated condition, they’re often disappointed when shown the numbers.  Our goal is to make you an educated seller by providing you with information whether you choose to sell to us or another buyer.  When we talk about collectible coins and those of value, there are three important variables to keep in mind:  Rarity (mintage), condition and desirability.  Notice we didn’t mention the age of a coin which is seldom a factor when determining value.

The change in design on the reverse of the 1976 bicentennial coins resulted in an increased public interest in holding on to these high mintage coins.  In circulated condition you can expect the copper-nickel varieties to be worth face value.

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Appraisal vs. Valuation


A licensed appraiser is neither interested in buying nor selling a personal property estate.  When next of kin bring in a personal coin collection of their loved one to sell at NwPlaza Coins, they receive a free valuation of the coins based on Fair Market Value defined by the IRS Treasury Regulation 20.2031-1 which states: “The Fair Market Value is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under compulsion to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.”  We search 6-month trending prices of what the same or similar coin has sold for and generally determine a value based on these findings.

We realize courts sometimes require an appraisal of a coin collection from a licensed Personal Property Appraiser.  These appraisers often specialize in art and antiques but rarely specialize or have broad knowledge of coins.   Court approved Personal Property Appraisal services from third parties can start at $125/hour which can be costly for a family trying to get the most from the collection left to them.  Trustees are reportedly dividing the coins among family members to avoid appraisal fees.  Attorneys have been frustrated with Personal Property Appraisers whose fees can exceed the value of the collection itself.  In some cases, attorneys are suggesting to their clients to come to an agreement on a buyer of their loved one’s collection to avoid the costs of an appraisal. If an appraisal is received, the process of finding a buyer is an added frustration.  Family members are left with the task of searching for a buyer who offers a price close to the appraised value.

At NwPlaza Coins, we are licensed coin buyers with years of experience collecting coins, researching values and opening a shop that offers collectors a positive place to buy/sell/trade coins. Our clients can schedule private appointments Monday – Friday for us to review their collections in-store. NwPlaza is an accredited member of several Numismatic Associations and has high ratings both locally and as a trusted Worldwide seller of authentic coins and precious metals.

We always encourage our customers to be educated sellers by reviewing the Fair Market Coin Values database linked on our website at  Here are a few additional steps we recommend:

  1.  Know what’s in the collection. Familiarize yourself with the lot of coins you have.
  2.  Separate collectible coins from common coins. Likewise, higher valued coins like  historic gold might be good to send in for third party authenticating and grading.
  3.  Research dealers in the area and read customer reviews.
  4.  Visit a coin shop to chat with them about coins and decide if they’re who you want to do  business with.

If a costly appraisal is not mandated by the court, a helpful alternative might be a free coin valuation.  Seek the advice of counsel if you have legal concerns regarding an estate and discuss all options with your family.  For questions about selling your family’s coin collection or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to stop in this weekend at NwPlaza or call us anytime.


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Found in a locket


1886 US $3 Gold Indian Princess Head PCGS AU55. Low mintage 1,142.

The $3 Indian Princess series ran from 1854 to 1889 with the 1875 Proof seeing the lowest mintage of only 20 known coins reaching values over $150,000.  This 1886 is a beautiful piece of numismatic history recently brought in to NwPlaza.  It had been safely stored inside a gold locket and handed down to family.  NwPlaza has the distinct honor to auction this coin to that one collector who must have it as a great addition to their collection.  See more information on this coin by clicking here.

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Shop NwPlaza with Confidence


NwPlaza has been a leading coin buyer with authenticating tools that ensure the coins we buy are genuine.  With counterfeiters getting better, NwPlaza now has an additional tool to protect our inventory.  This state of the art technology offers customers peace-of-mind when adding coins to their collection.  If you would like to learn more about authenticating your coins, come in this weekend for our crash course on some non-invasive tests you can perform.  Want to add to your collection?  We have thousands of US and World coins available online and in-store.  We also make strong offers on coins you want to sell.  Visit our website for more information.

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After the Coin Show


The 2016 McMinnville Coin Club Coin Show at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon was a big hit this Valentine’s Weekend. While there, NwPlaza met with a variety of collectors and dealers and acquired some amazing coins.  Silver Russian Kopecks, Canadian silver 50c pieces, historic Mexican silver Pesos and a low-mintage 1936 York County Half Dollar, just some of the coins we brought back to our shop.

Chinese Silver Pandas and Mexican Libertads were big sellers at NwPlaza’s booth this year. Collectors enjoy these high luster World coins that make a nice addition to any collection.

Come in to NwPlaza Coins in downtown Vancouver this weekend and see all the coins we brought back from the show. The 2017  coin show will again be held at Chinook Winds Casino.  If you have never been or are a regular attendee, be sure to mark your calendar and join us February 11-12, 2017.

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