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NwPlaza Antique Coin Buyers was formed in 2009 and is located at 1413 C Street in downtown Vancouver USA. Our Antique Coin Buyers contribute their years of coin collecting knowledge and experience to this blog. If you are in the Portland/Vancouver area, visit our website at and check out our upcoming events open to the public or schedule a free coin valuation with one of our Antique Coin Buyers, today.

“I wish I would have known…”


People come in to NwPlaza Coins and tell us all the time, “I wish I would have known about your Antique Coin Buyers before I gave away my other coins to [the jewerly store up the road], [the big coin & currency shop], [the pawn shop]”… fill in the blank.  Coins are all we do at NwPlaza and we have a reputation from customers who have sold to us of paying the most for their old coins.  We call the other guys to find out what they’re paying for the same coins and have paid up to 20% more per coin.  NwPlaza pays more because we want your repeat business and we count on your word of mouth advertising. As coin collectors with over 39 years combined experience in rare & collectible coins, we offer personal and confidential assistance with coin collecting or selling. Save yourself future regret and check for upcoming events open to the public or use our website appointment box to schedule your free coin valuation with NwPlaza’s Antique Coin Buyers, today.

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Last of the large dollar coins


Eisenhowers are the last of the large dollar coins and often available at your local bank.  Minted from 1971-1978, most common types are copper nickel and are just fun to have as part of a collection.  Some special collector varieties contain 40% silver.  Check the reeded edge of your coin for the brown (copper) to distinguish between the two varieties. NwPlaza buys and sells both types of these coins.

Last of the large dollar coins

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Still get excited after all these years collecting coins


The realization is that not everyone shares the same interests.  When talking coins with people ‘outside’ the numismatic field, I have found people get bored easily.  That’s the basis for NwPlaza’s Coin Collecting Shop at 1413 C Street.  When we first opened in 2013 inside ‘The Academy’ downtown Vancouver, our idea was to bring coin collectors together to buy/sell/trade and just show off their collections.  As collectors, we’re excited for the April 12 -13 Antique Coin Bonanza and showing off some of the Mexican silver and gold coins we’ve acquired over the years.  I once heard a wife refer to herself as a “coin collector’s widow” meaning she figuratively has lost her husband to the hobby.  Perhaps it’s the hope of stumbling upon that one treasure, the coin that is the king of all coins.  What keeps you interested in the hobby of coin collecting?








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Sneak preview of coins

Join us April 12 – 13 for NwPlaza’s Antique Coin Bonanza at 1413 C Street, downtown Vancouver USA.  Open to the public 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. to buy/sell/trade coins all weekend!  We always offer free and professional coin valuations.  Here is a sneak preview of the coins we will have available to the public at our event  What will you bring in?


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Be an educated coin seller v.1

6bYou wouldn’t sell your used car for whatever price the buyer offered to pay you for it, would you?  You might check Kelley Blue Book® or NADA® to find the value of your car before negotiating a deal.  Likewise, you can check the value of your coins before selling them to a coin dealer using these resources:

Lincoln Cent Resource:

World Coin Prices:

Silver Coin Calculator:

Most Valuable Coins:

Know of other resources for finding coin values?  Comment on this blog and share your knowledge with others.




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Morgan Silver Dollars


2Who knew the dollars mom and dad would get out of the slot machines in Boomtown would be so collectible today?  These coins are available in assorted condition, dates and prices at NwPlaza.  Come in this weekend and add a piece of US history to your collection.

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