“I saw this coin going for $800 online”

16 Jan


Customer: “I saw this coin going for $800 online and I’d like to sell it for that.”

Coin Buyer: “Where did you see it at that price?”

Customer: “Google. And I think it’s 24 karat”

Coin Buyer: “24 karat what?”

Customer: “Gold. And another dealer said it’s super rare and offered $800 for it.”

Coin Buyer: “Here’s what I see” [Displayed on in-shop monitor for guests to see]


Great Britain 1/2 Penny KM# 789


Composition: Bronze

Weight: 5.7000g

Diameter: 25.5mm

MINTAGE: 8,595,000

We hear this often in our shop at NwPlaza Coins.  A customer brings in what they think might be a high value coin, usually in low grade or damaged saying they saw it going for a high dollar amount online.  We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news so we show guests the actual value a coin in that condition has sold for, not necessarily what someone is hoping to get for it.  We use references that you can also use at home when searching for coin values and always encourage people to be educated sellers.  As mentioned in our previous blogs, we also look at rarity, desirability and condition in determining a coin’s worth.  Visit our website at: NwPlaza.Com for great resources to help find the value of your coin. You can also bring in your collection this weekend for a free valuation or to sell to one of our Antique Coin Buyers.

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