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Empty slot syndrome


It’s a common coin collector problem.   That Lincoln Cent folder put away long ago and forgotten because it was missing one or more hard-to-find coins.  Well, there’s good news!  We may have a remedy with over 1000 Wheat Cents in-store sorted by date.  Bring in your folder and sort through our bins of Wheat Cents this weekend and put an end to your ESS (Empty Slot Syndrome).  Side Effects: Visiting NwPlaza may result in a positive coin collecting experience.  Collectors have reported having received courteous service and quality coins at fair market prices.  You should come in and see for yourself if NwPlaza Coins is right for you.  NwPlaza is located at 1413 C Street in downtown Vancouver WA.

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Posted by on July 9, 2015 in Coin Selling 101