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What’s this in the church offering plate?


Local churches are reporting a variety of foreign coins and currency showing up in their offering plate from far reaches of the world.  Everything from Mexican pesos and Canadian cents to Philippine centavos and British pennies.  These coins can leave church officials with a collection of foreign coins and a bit of confusion on what to do with them.  One resource is to sell these coins to our collectors at NwPlaza.  We have over 100 pounds of World coins that collectors sort through for various reasons.  Whether they have a wistful longing of their home country or just want to add a coin with a specific date to their collection, we buy and sell these World coins every weekend.  If you are a church treasurer or know of someone with a collection of coins to sell, spread the word about NwPlaza Coins.

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How can your local Coin Shop help with your trip to a foreign country?


NwPlaza Coins has 1000’s of coins from all over the World including Euros, Loons and more that are still accepted in their respective countries.  The frugal traveler can sort through our bins of foreign coins before their trip and buy at prices below face value.  Likewise, sellers can bring in coins they’ve acquired in their travels and sell to us by the pound.  A recent seller brought in a large assortment of coins that he wasn’t able to cash in at Travelex® or other currency exchange services. NwPlaza buys many of these coins for the nostalgia and collector interest.  When bringing in your coins to sell, we sort through the lot for any higher value coins and make a separate offer for those.  A recent example, we did come across 10% silver Mexican pesos and a silver 1907 Ottoman Empire Qirsh in 4 pounds of coins a family brought in.  NwPlaza Coins is available by appointment daily and open to the public this weekend 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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