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“I wish I would have known…”


People come in to NwPlaza Coins and tell us all the time, “I wish I would have known about your Antique Coin Buyers before I gave away my other coins to [the jewerly store up the road], [the big coin & currency shop], [the pawn shop]”… fill in the blank.  Coins are all we do at NwPlaza and we have a reputation from customers who have sold to us of paying the most for their old coins.  We call the other guys to find out what they’re paying for the same coins and have paid up to 20% more per coin.  NwPlaza pays more because we want your repeat business and we count on your word of mouth advertising. As coin collectors with over 39 years combined experience in rare & collectible coins, we offer personal and confidential assistance with coin collecting or selling. Save yourself future regret and check for upcoming events open to the public or use our website appointment box to schedule your free coin valuation with NwPlaza’s Antique Coin Buyers, today.

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Posted by on July 9, 2014 in Coin Selling 101