Found in a locket


1886 US $3 Gold Indian Princess Head PCGS AU55. Low mintage 1,142.

This beautiful piece of numismatic history was recently brought in to NwPlaza.  It had been safely stored inside a gold locket and handed down to family.  NwPlaza has the distinct honor to auction this coin to that one collector who must have it as a great addition to their collection.  More photos are available by clicking here.

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Shop NwPlaza with Confidence



NwPlaza has been a leading coin buyer with authenticating tools that ensure the coins we buy are genuine.  With counterfeiters getting better, NwPlaza now has an additional tool to protect our inventory.  This state of the art technology offers customers peace-of-mind when adding coins to their collection.  If you would like to learn more about authenticating your coins, come in this weekend for our crash course on some non-invasive tests you can perform.  Want to add to your collection?  We have thousands of US and World coins available online and in-store.  We also make strong offers on coins you want to sell.  Visit our website for more information.

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After the Coin Show


The 2016 McMinnville Coin Club Coin Show at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon was a big hit this Valentine’s Weekend. While there, NwPlaza met with a variety of collectors and dealers and acquired some amazing coins.  Silver Russian Kopecks, Canadian silver 50c pieces, historic Mexican silver Pesos and a low-mintage 1936 York County Half Dollar, just some of the coins we brought back to our shop.

Chinese Silver Pandas and Mexican Libertads were big sellers at NwPlaza’s booth this year. Collectors enjoy these high luster World coins that make a nice addition to any collection.

Come in to NwPlaza Coins in downtown Vancouver this weekend and see all the coins we brought back from the show. The 2017  coin show will again be held at Chinook Winds Casino.  If you have never been or are a regular attendee, be sure to mark your calendar and join us February 11-12, 2017.

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Completing your collection


A customer recently emailed NwPlaza Coins wanting to complete his Lincoln Cent collection.  He provided us with a list of the coins he was having trouble finding by date, mint mark, condition and strike.  The challenge he faced was he only wanted Proof, Satin and Brilliant Uncirculated coins to fill his folders.  No problem for us getting these coins from our list of collectors.  We replied to his email with a price quote and payment link for him to pre-pay for his order and within a few business days he was able to pick up his coins in-store.

No doubt, the fun part of collecting can be the hunt.  However, when you get to a point where you just want the folder completed or have hit a dead end finding the coins you’re wanting, NwPlaza makes it convenient for you to complete that collection.  Visit our webpage and contact us with your list of hard-to-find coins.

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We can handle your special orders


Our trusted coin suppliers offer NwPlaza Coins deep discounts because of our volume of orders over the years.  We pass those savings on to our collectors who come in wanting to pre-order coins.  Whether you’re looking for that one key coin to complete your collection or add gold or silver bullion to your portfolio, we will quote you our lowest price for you to lock-in on and we pre-order your coins, usually available for you to pick up within 7-10 business days after payment clears.  Pre-ordering is one of NwPlaza’s most popular services.  If we don’t have it available in-store, we’ll try to find it for you.  Visit us this weekend in downtown Vancouver USA for a complete list of services we offer to collectors like you.

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“Trust, but verify.” ~Ronald Reagan


At NwPlaza Coins, we want to build the trust of our customers.  We’re open to the public each weekend and you’re always invited to come in and just talk coins and get a feel if our shop is where you want to buy or sell your coins.  A quick online search using keyword ‘nwplaza’ will give you additional references to find out more about our coin shop.  If you’re selling coins, we always encourage you to be an educated seller and check out the Fair Market Coin Value guide on our website at NwPlaza.Com.  Want to chat with us about your coins?  Check out our Live Chat application also available on our website.  We are active on social media, so you can find out more about NwPlaza on Facebook or Twitter and read real customer comments on Google+.

You see we’re very excited you found our little coin shop and want you to have a positive coin collecting experience with us.  Come in this weekend as we promote the hobby of coin collecting in Vancouver, Washington and earn your trust one coin at a time.

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Empty slot syndrome

Lincoln Cent Folders

It’s a common coin collector problem.   That Lincoln Cent folder put away long ago and forgotten because it was missing one or more hard-to-find coins.  Well, there’s good news!  We may have a remedy with over 1000 Wheat Cents in-store sorted by date.  Bring in your folder and sort through our bins of Wheat Cents this weekend and put an end to your ESS (Empty Slot Syndrome).  Side Effects: Visiting NwPlaza may result in a positive coin collecting experience.  Collectors have reported having received courteous service and quality coins at fair market prices.  You should come in and see for yourself if NwPlaza Coins is right for you.  NwPlaza is located at 1413 C Street in downtown Vancouver WA.

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